version 4.21 (for Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, 95)

FlowerBed is a solitaire card game.

All the cards are dealt so that they are face up and visible.

The cards are arranged into six columns of six cards.

The remaining cards are spread out along the bottom of the window.  These cards are called the hand.

The four spaces on the right are called foundations.  There is one foundation for each suit.

Like many other solitaire games, the object of FlowerBed is to use all the cards in the deck to build up the four foundations in ascending order from Ace to King.  The trick is to move the cards around so that the proper cards become available for moving onto the foundations.

A card is available to be moved if it is:
- in the hand,
- the top card of any the columns, or
- the top card of any the foundations.

Cards are moved by dragging and dropping with the mouse, or by using shortcuts.

Any available card may be moved onto a column if the value of the card being moved is one less than the value of the card on the top of the column.  It does not matter what suit the cards are.  For example, in the picture above, the 9 of Spades may be moved onto the 10 of Clubs or the 10 of Spades.

A card may not be moved to the hand.

A card may be moved from a foundation to a column.

Any available card may be moved to an empty column.

Download FlowerBed by clicking on the link below.
Don Undis,
Nov 10, 2008, 11:50 AM